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We install Various different types of lights and fixtures. We offer customized landscape lighting systems, and we use only premium lighting fixtures from the top brands, including KichlerF/X Luminaire, Unique, ABR, and Solos.  

Why Landscape Lighting?

With so many security lighting options out there, why does landscape lighting make for one of the best solutions? There are three reasons:

Light your whole property

  • Landscape lighting makes for effective security lighting because it has the ability to extend several layers of light throughout the entire property. Plants, trees, pathways, and architectural features can all be captured and contoured with the right lighting. In addition to creating wonderful functional lighting, it also helps ensure that there is nowhere for trespassers to hide. If there are no dark corners to hide, trespassers won't want to take one step where they shouldn't. 

Create beautiful effects

  • Landscape lighting significantly enhances the natural beauty and features of your property. Both LED and low-voltage lighting can be used to highlight your home’s architectural elements, beautiful gardens, specimen trees & shrubs, and water features.

Don't annoy the neighbors

  • The neighbors will appreciate that your landscape lights don't shine in their windows at night. Good outdoor lighting shouldn't be intrusive or disruptive to the surrounding neighborhood. It can be annoying when your neighbors security lighting blares in your windows at night. 

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